I'm a reincarnated...
By shannamay123
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ohayo!!! the name is Savannah Heart, a girl who Love's anime and otome games so yes you can say I'm a (pure) otaku fan , my life is kinda nice and okay with my family and my boyfriend so yeah life is good good good~. but how can life is good when you're saving your sister from a car and died ( so much for a goody good life ). what's the point anyway?. So yeah I got reincarnated and I sware to god I don't know where I am!! ( is my spelling correct? ) and for the past years I know I'm in an otome game ( yeah we know so get to the story damn it!!!!!) yeah okay so I know my identity as a mob character but pls not as a heroine!!!!!! ( I am sorry for the pur girl sometimes she as a circle on her head ya know what I mean )


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I'm a rei...
by shannamay123