My Reaper (BoyxBoy)
By lilvampirequeen00
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Book TWO- My Guardian Angel series Bryce is a fallen.He was an ex-reaper with a bad attitude and a need for the worst things in life up until he met Jamie and Striker and now everything has changed, especially after meeting Danger O'Neal. He picks fights with him, teases him, and craves him in the worst way but his past is catching up to him and a war is coming. And there is the small detail that Danger is not gay. Danger O'Neal has always been a brute because of the way he was raised. With two psycho, satanist parents that pretended to be good for everyone else but actually beat the crap out of him, you can see why he is the way he is. He's a dominate in bed and loves control, but when Bryce comes into his life all control is gone. He can't explain what he feels for him and he really doesn't want to. All he really knows is Bryce is hiding something and it might just get them both killed. ∆My Guardian Angel Series∆

You're Gonna Die

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My Reaper...
by lilvampirequeen00