Listen To Happy Son...
By sasha_94
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"Music will make you feel better" he says as he turns up the volume. "All you've gotta do is listen to happy songs." Marceline Felton has just had her whole life halted with one sentence: "You're HIV positive." One stupid mistake and her life is completely over. Not only is Marceline battling depression, suicidal thoughts, and a guilty sister who just doesn't seem to quit, she has to deal with a handicapped boy who seems to think everything is a blessing in disguise. Before she knows it, the little cretin has wormed himself into her life and more dangerously her heart. Does Marceline shut him out, or does she do the hardest thing she's ever had to do thus far, learn to trust again, let herself live, and more importantly, follow the music?

Listen To Happy Songs

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Listen To...
by sasha_94