Resurfacing The Ice...
By Bangtan_Jikook2020
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Jimin, an ever rising champion in the figure skating world, refuses to skate another season until his coach finds him someone worth his time, someone who is up to par with his talent. Jungkook, a mere electrician, is fixing the air conditioning system in Jimin's personal ice skating rink, when he spots a pair of skates and has to give them a try. Jimin catches Jungkook skating around on HIS ice, and is furious. Jungkook tries to take off the skates but ends up breaking a piece. Jimin's coach, Fredrick, knows that Jimin's fame has gotten the best of him over the years, and sees Jungkook as the perfect person to smooth him over. Fredrick informs Jungkook that the only way he can repay them for the damage done to the skates, is by becoming Jimin's partner in the upcoming skating season.

This is MY Ice

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by Bangtan_Jikook2020