Here goes nothing
By pamplemousselove
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Life is a continuous battle of what we feel against what we know. It can sometimes get very confusing, especially when you royally suck at seeing through the signs life throws your way. Louise Russo is a walking contradiction, she lives a life of bad timings and awkward situations. But what if her over the top boss sends her to a land easily mistaken for paradise near the Mediterranean Sea ? And what if this oddball of a woman who is pleased with her beliefs that love only happens to the others sets foot into a more than welcoming hostel ? What if she is not very subtle and is surrounded by man that are candy for the eye ? What will happen when she is drawn by a whirlwind of events she has no control upon ? This is a story of laughs and cries, joy and pain, the surprises of fate, the what if's and the outcome of the chances we took. But ever so often it's the story of one too many drinks that sets the spark lightning a dark sky back to life.

Here Goes Nothing: Synopsis

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Here goes...
by pamplemousselove