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To readers: I would like to ask people not to judge the book according to the number of views or votes. The book is new so obviously it won't have much views or votes. So please read, comment and vote. ***************************************** For decades some people were born with powers. Each of these people had a specific power and were called the Gifted. They've been living among humans who were completely unaware of their existence,of their council and of their society. But of course there has to be the bad ones..who were known as the drifted Celia Knight had a peaceful life..well a normal life of a teenager. However she suddenly get thrown into an unknown world with people having powers and plots and twists as well as discovers her won powers. Not to mention the handsome guy she started having feelings for... Plunge into a story of fantasy and dramas...add a dash of romance and tadaa perfect story to read as you curl on your favourite couch eating cookies.. ~ ~ He was tall, well-muscled with thick midnight black hair. He had unusual dark red eyes making his already pale skin look paler. Celia smiled at the stranger,still dazed by his beauty and realised that the stranger was observing her. Blushing, she said, "Come in, I'll fetch Claudia for you. " "I don't know any Claudia. I actually came for you.." He spoke softly with an enchanting voice. Celia was surprised and was about to tell him to leave but he interrupted her. "I really have to talk to you about something important. Just hear me out. And then I can leave if you want.." Celia hesitated."Okay, you have one minute.."


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