Gravity [BXB] [COMP...
By OminouslyAnonymous
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*Completed* "It was as if he was the sun and I was the Earth. Gravity pulled me toward him, but my fear of getting burned kept me at a distance." Collin King is getting his first taste of fame, but he's not sure he likes it. The music industry controls everything. His music. His personality. His image. His dates. He's sick of it. With the looming deadlines for his next hit single fast approaching, Collin is losing his words. How can he write a song when his inspiration died with his freedom? How can he write when he has no one to write about. Well... that's where Dominik Darling comes in. *Warning. This is a boy×boy novel. If you don't like it, don't read it.* *Started on December 25th* *Finished on February 11th* *#90 in Short Story - 01/24/18* *#78 in Short Story - 01/28/18* *#71 in Short Story - 01/29/18* *#55 in Short Story - 02/01/18* *#48 in Short Story - 02/09/18* *#45 in Short Story - 02/10/18* *#43 in Short Story - 02/24/18* *#11 in Short Story - 03/10/18*

Not Enough

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Gravity [...
by OminouslyAnonymous