The Silent Voice
By sokka1245
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Lucy Heartfilia is a student at Fairy Tail High and has been since her first year of high school however she doesn't really have friends even though she is already in her last year of high school. Lucy is known as the school mute obviously meaning that she doesn't talk and since she doesn't speak it makes people not want to hangout with her because what's the point of a friend that you can't talk to. She has 1 younger sibling who's name is Luke and is one year younger than her. Since she is mute she is bullied (bullies include: Natsu, Gray, Jellal, Lisanna, her friends, and Gajeel) and no matter how much she hates it she stays quiet and keeps her distance from people. No one knows why she doesn't speak or if she even can except her brother so what happens when someone hears a beautiful singing voice and wants to find out who the voice belongs to, and what will Lucy do about it? ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ a/n: this is my first story/fan fiction so I hope you guys can give me some positive feedback and if there is anything I should add, fix or remove please tell me. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~


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The Silen...
by sokka1245