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By aspillofstars
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In a land where magic is power and a king rules cruel and cunning, there dwells Elvenfolk of an unnatural, mysterious darkness. And Raven Cathiair is one of them. A homeless sixteen-year-old on the streets of the Elf-ruled kingdom of Valdlion, Raven has known nothing more than a life of stealing, cheating, and a demand for retribution for the man who murdered her adoptive mother--the only person who had ever loved her. Her peculiar powers keep her alive beneath the noses of the ever-watchful royal guards who lurk around each corner. But when Raven's magic spirals out of control, she becomes guilty of the murder of a group of patrol guards. The iron-fisted king offers her one chance at saving her own life: she must become his spy and complete the series of tasks he gives her. If she succeeds, he will free her. If she fails, he will kill her. Before long, Raven finds herself entangled in the treacherous business of the royal palace. The king watches her at every turn. The Crown Prince has his own two-faced scheme, and the eldest princess knows more than anyone should. Soon, Raven's task becomes a game of lies and deceit, where one step in the wrong direction could be her end. But as clues come to an understanding and dark ambitions are revealed, the plot of life and death may put all Raven loves to doom. A retelling of the tale of Hades and Persephone. #1 in ashes as of 8/3/2018 Cover made by the extremely talented and amazing @Glass_Sword Copyright © 2018 Nyghtfyre Stars All rights reserved

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