This Is Me
By shorty_bxtch
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Family... Where life begins and love never ends, right? Well not for me, my life began somewhere else and where love ended. *** Meet Jasmine Rose Mikaelson. She just came back to her hometown from studying at Yale to become a doctor, when she finds out she's been sold to the most feared gang leader of the Black Demon's by her father who is the leader of the second best gang in the world the Night Howlers. But she has her own secrets that no one knows about and her own story to tell. How will she survive? Will the secrets come out? Does it matter to be family by blood rather then by heart? Can she finally love again? Only time will tell. And she'll finally be glad that this is me. xxx Swearing and violence will occur. I hope you enjoy my book.

Chapter 1

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This Is M...
by shorty_bxtch