Storyjumpers (a pok...
By Kwikey
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"It was originally made to test the dexholders athletic and mental level yet it has come to serve another purpose. To transport us to where we'll gather the ingredients for the antidote." A new team has arisen in the pokespe world. Possessing a deadly weapon, their shadow slowly settles on the regions. Quick and silent in the underground. To beat this arising threat, the dexholders must create a long forgotten antidote. The only problem, the ingredients don't exist in their world. Professor Oak and Bill have created a machine, one with a way of finding the ingredients and training the heroes for the upcoming battle. Storyjumping. Sending the dexholders into worlds of books. Can Sapphire, Emerald and Ruby survive in Harry Potter? Will Gold prevail in Magnus Chase? Does Yellow and Red have what it takes to be part of Camp Half Blood? Can Crystal survive in the Hunger Games? The dexholders must fight their way through these make-believe worlds and find the key to defeating the evil team. The new threat is more capable than they originally thought. Will the dexholders find all the pieces and assemble them? Or will they fail miserably? And what exactly is it that lurks in the darkness? The figure that follows them in the shadows... *writing gets progressively better as story goes on*


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by Kwikey