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By NecessaryCringe
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Well would you look at that, it's another Hetalia Boyfriend Scenario book... Lemme tell you, we have a heck of a lot of characters here. This book contains a fair amount of fluff, some sneaky angst here and there, and mild swearing. The countries featured in this book are America, England, France, China, Russia, Germany, Italy, Japan, 2p America, 2p England, 2p France, 2p Canada, 2p Germany, 2p Italy, 2p Japan, *takes a breath* Denmark, Norway, Iceland, Finland, Sweden, Canada, Poland, Romano, Latvia, Prussia, Switzerland, Hong Kong, Seborga, Korea, Spain, Lithuania and Australia. *gasps for air* Oh boy, that's more than we thought it was. We don't own anything here except for the scenarios we've written, Hetalia belongs to Himaruya, none of the art used belongs to us, you belong to you, etc. Enjoy! ~Vai + Talia

A Couple of Notes Before We Start

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Loving th...
by NecessaryCringe