Deadly Games
By ImproperGrammarx
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"Baby, please" he says looking at me. I shook my head strongly abstaining his words. He sighs and drops his gun along with his hands on his side. "What are you doing?" I ask softening my tone. "Come on! Fight me" I spit raising my voice a bit. "I'm not going to hurt you" He retorts. I could feel myself weakening from his words but raise my stance refusing to give in. The atmosphere of the room was ear splitting the silent with the ringing buzzing through my ears. adjusting the gun in the sweaty palm of my hand, I realized my grip was loosening. Suddenly, the gun was slapped away from me and my body being pressed back against the wall as a pair of warm lips crash into mine. Katana Storm set out for revenge on a particular person, she doesn't want to kill him, no no no. She wants him to try to kill HER. How dangerous will this game get, will Cole and Katana end up ending each other, or will they end up... together.

Katana storm

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Deadly Ga...
by ImproperGrammarx