Risky Business
By insomniac-weirdo
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Amanda Blake, an 18-year-old girl, works for the Undercover Agency of America. She is one of the top ranked agents in the facility. She receives a mission to investigate a high schooler's father, being accused of recent criminal activities. When she has to earn the trust of his son so she can investigate him further, what happens when she fall in love with his son? What happens when he fall in love with her? What happens when she's the one that has to arrest his father? Join Amanda Blake as she has to decide whether to put her career aside and chose between to loves. What will happen with her love life? What will happen with her job? What will happen when her partner finds out about her crush? Note: ~characters are oc's ~pictures used may not be mine unless said otherwise ~enjoy reading ~if you are waiting for another chapter, check out one of my other stories and/or fanfics


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Risky Bus...
by insomniac-weirdo