Ignite My Heart (Ig...
By LazyWriter519
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The gentle and romantic love story: You are part of the Kingsglaive and King Regis has asked you to accompany Noctis and his friends on their journey. The four men don't seem to happy about it, but maybe they'll learn to like you over time. This story is about Ignis. Don't forget to read my other fanfics about the other guys. Also I don't own any of this. All credit goes to Square Enix for making such an incredible game. Excerpt from Chapter 6: "I know your tired," I said, "so why don't you go to bed and I'll follow shortly." He looked up suddenly and tightened the grip on my hand, "Absolutely not. A man should never let a woman cry alone." My face burned even redder than it had before from the tears, "Please, allow me to worry and take care of you. Just like I do for the others." I thought for a moment, "I will, on one condition." He looked scared to hear what I had to say next, "Anything," "Let me worry about you. If you won't do it someone else has to." He smiled shyly and stared down at our hands. He was now turned towards me and placed his other hand atop mine. He rubbed his ungloved fingers on the back of my palm. "Alright,"


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Ignite My...
by LazyWriter519