Sold to my teacher
By Zuven123
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Nina has had a crush on her Science teacher for over a month now. Her crush only lasts until she finds out that she is sold to him. Will Nina accept this... will Nina ever forgive her parents? or will she ever like her teacher like she use to. This book has very mature content so if your a very innocent person give it a go..jk 😂😂 Just read at your own risk. Although i have put all my blood sweat and tears (😉) into this! So make sure you at least consider reading it 😅. Your all welcome to talk to me on pm you have any questions about the story. Plz read and enjoy. Dont forget to vote and comment ur thoughts and feelings. Its best to let it out 😂 Ok ama stop talkin now 😂 Bye 😘 Also guys I would really appreciate it if you could follow my insta and show your love and support there too thank you @drama_edits18 😘🥰

Chapter 1

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Sold to m...
by Zuven123