The Essence of Vill...
By Xanedis
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Sorcery shakes the earth as the Dark Lord battles the Lightning Maiden before the grounds of his dark fortress. Soon, he realizes his lack of preparedness, and a dangerous spell is brought to bear. Reality shifts... Soon, the Dark Lord wakes up in another world, at the outskirts of a village at the rim of civilization. His magical capacity lost, he has to find his misplaced magical armaments. But can he navigate a world seemingly void magic? Meanwhile, in the distant mountain fortress of a monastic order, the Lightning Maiden attempts to convince the monks of their own duty. Allen, a young scribe, tries to remain impartial admist the rising tensions. However, when the unthinkable takes place and blood flows amidst the sacred fortress, Allen finds himself playing a part in the coming conflict. And all the while, darkness from his past gnaws at his soul...

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The Essen...
by Xanedis