Battle of the Sea D...
By lavenderstar
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The Kingdom of Joseon is at war, and they're losing. Terribly. The invading Japanese are equipped with advanced weapons that the Koreans' own bows and arrows are no match against. And now, with the best Joseon Navy admiral in prison for treason, the country's chances of winning the war are slim to none. Since the humans are making a mess of things, the temperamental and liver-hungry gumiho Moon Sun takes it upon herself to intervene. To succeed, she'll need to summon a sea dragon currently residing off the coast of a southern island. Unfortunately, the only people around to help in her quest are an exiled criminal and a few clueless divers, and their incompetence is truly testing her patience. They might have a chance of winning, if she doesn't kill everyone first.

Trailer of the Sea Dragon

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Battle of...
by lavenderstar