Impulse (Published)
By fl0wersniffinwh0re
  • Teen Fiction
  • forgiveness
  • high
  • love
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  • pantydropper
  • romanticsuspense
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She realized that her love for her professor was probably nothing more than a childish infatuation. She wasn't in love with him. She was in love with the thoughts that came with him. Flashbacks of Disney Movies and Nicholas Sparks book made movies flashed through her brain as she wished to reach for his hand and clasp his. She longed for that love she had always witnessed as a young girl. She wanted to be a princess but the truth was she wanted to be saved. She wanted to be rescued. But not from the dragon guarding her castle or from the evil stepmother. She wanted to be saved from herself. From the demons that guarded her brain and her evil spirit haunting her every waking moment. She wanted someone to see the life in her she thought had died as soon as the movies stopped rolling. The dream to be a princess failed to come the next night. And the love for herself dropped like petals from a flower. Not a typical student- teacher love story.


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Impulse (...
by fl0wersniffinwh0re