The Revenge of a Ne...
By Thartzo9
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Mary Sophia Angeles has been blessed to have a luxurious life, a complete happy family and a bestfriend who never leave her side. She almost have everything-the beauty, the brain and the money. But despite of her almost perfect life, there's only one thing that she doesn't have and that is... love. She had never loved someone and she's never been loved. She has no time for love because she spent all of her free time for her studies. No one also dare to hit on her because for them, she's nothing but a nerd. A nerd who is meant to be bullied when they are bored and not someone who is worthy enough to be their girlfriend. Until one day, a guy came to her life. He made her feel loved and special. But that was just temporary, the guy she fell in love with, the guy who made her feel the love and happiness for the first time was also the same guy who broke her heart that was pure as white. At first, she had a hard time recovering and moving on. But with the pain and suffering that she's been through, she learned how to be tough. Her pain changed her, not just physically but also mentally and emotionally. This is a story about love, revenge, friendship and trust. A story which will prove that love conquers all.


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The Reven...
by Thartzo9