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Got a secret Can you keep it? Swear this one you'll save Better lock it, in your pocket Taking this one to the grave If I show you then I know you Won't tell what I said Cause 8 can keep a secret If one of them is dead ... Summerdale Academy has been known for its prestigious academic achievement and reigning sports teams. But its true fame comes from the very students that roam the halls of the leading private school. They are known as the one percent, but with every one percent are leaders, the creme de la cremes of the richest. And they are the Elite. Three ruling boys and four ruling girls. They seem out of reach, surreal even. But if one was to look closely they would see that not everything that glitters is gold. Especially when one of the Elite "accidentally" meets her death on what was supposed to be a fun night out. Was it a cover up? Or was it truly an accident? No one knows and it does not seem like the public will get any answers. That is until "Reprisal" arrives, and threatens the kingdom of lies that the Elite have built around them. But they will not give up without a fight, after all the dead can't speak for themselves. Or can they? Copyright all rights reserved 2019

Meet the Faddish Cast.

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by lulumtshali2003