Vampire Royalty
By bellaPiiink
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Melanie Meyer is an ordinary seventeen years old teenage girl. But when she meets Garret Stone, a vampire, everything just became so damn complicated. Because she witnessed two vampire drinking blood from two humans, she is forced to leave her normal peaceful life. She’s brought to the vampire world and stayed there for a long time since they don’t know what to do to her. They can’t drink from her, though, because there’s something about her blood that makes her so special. Her blood is so sweet that no vampire could resist stopping from drinking it. As she stays at the vampire world, she can’t help becoming close with the King and Queen and of course, the crowned Prince, Garret. Garret’s not their son, but he is like a son to them since the daughter of the King and Queen was lost nearly seventeen years ago. Join Melanie as she walks in the vampire world and falls in love while finding out her true identity.

Vampire Royalty

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Vampire R...
by bellaPiiink