Call Me "Daddy...
By Guzmasboi
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"'I'm sorry, what?' I asked, unsure if I'd heard him correctly. 'I'm not sure I understand.' Paul continued to smirk and stalk closer to me, blocking off any escape now. 'I'm giving you two rules to follow, just two: One, you're mine and only mine; and Two, call me Daddy.'" ********** Shy guy, Darren, moves to his mom's hometown along with his homophobic stepdad. Afraid that he'll be thrown out of his house, Darren keeps his sexuality a secret, desperate to stay in the closet no matter what-- especially after his experience with an abusive boyfriend. Things get complicated when Paul Martinez, an older man with a major Daddy Kink, claims that Darren is his mate and belongs to him only. But Paul has a secret of his own that he keeps from Darren, and it's not just that he's a werewolf. ********** Trigger Warning: This story does have instances of homophobia, physical/sexual abuse, and blood-related incest.

INTRO + Trigger Warnings [Please Read]

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Call Me...
by Guzmasboi