The Princess
By fandom_sluttt
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In 3030, things were different then what they were. There was no longer a President of the United States. No longer a Government. No Mayors and Senators. Only the Royal council and Royal Family. The Grays. And I was the heir. The future Queen. I am Princess Estephania Gray. The future of America, now known as the New Republic America. And my duty was to marry the awful Prince Castiel of Australia and carry out my duty as the Queen and ruler. But FATE was a royal bitch. And so was true love. ___________________________________________ Estephania Gray. Princess and future Queen of The New Republic America in year 3030. She lived like a Queen, traveled like one, ate like one, dressed like one. She had everything anyone could ever want in life. The life of Power and Wealth. But she was unlike the rest. She craved more then fancy dinners and 40 carrot diamond rings. She craved more. With the Country to soon be in her hands she's a target to Society. The lower class and poor. Her world changes when she's suddenly abducted by mysterious people she doesn't know, and a boy with piercing brown eyes is the only thing she knows. She found the wilder side quicker then she meant to. She discovered the outside world outside the Castle Walls and the flashing cameras and paparazzi. And love found her in a very unholy place. (WARNING WILL CONTAIN GRAPHIC SCENES AND SEXUAL CONTENT AND POSSIBLY TRIGGERING THINGS!!!!)

The Life Of A Princess

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The Princ...
by fandom_sluttt