He Felt Like A Stor...
By AnkSun344
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The story is of two individuals Siddharth Khanna and Anusha Singh. Both were gems to their parents, both spoiled, both stubborn, friends adored them and siblings love them. Like something very unexpected happens whenever you were least expecting it to be, exactly the same way, the marriage bomb was thrown on to their heads. Their happy days are actually going to die? ~•~ Anusha was a stubborn girl, who thinks she's the queen and her independence means everything to her. She was forced to get married when she turned 25, her marriage was arranged to Siddharth Khanna, the steel industrialist, son of one of her father's friend. A typical Billionaire, she thought. Siddharth Khanna was a successful 27 yrs old man, living his bachelor's life lively. But when it comes to marriage, he rejects every girl his parents select for him, coming up with weird excuses everytime. He thinks no one else deserves his attention, as in no one is better than him. But the day he saw her his life flipped and he fell in love without thinking twice. Usually people fall in love with a smile but he fell for her frown. It doesn't took him long to accept his feelings for her and seconds to confess it to her. One the different side,there was a war going on between her heart and mind, she was confused of her own feelings. She was afraid of his expectations. Everything was going perfect but the only thing pending in their story was her confession. Read the story of their super romantic journey together and fall in Love with them. **Story might contain mild swearing and steamy scenes** Editing in progress ( don't complain about slow) ~Started 14/Dec/2017~ ~Ended 21/Nov/2018~ .Now complete.

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He Felt L...
by AnkSun344