Texting Destiny
By xxSkemoxx183
  • Science Fiction
  • action
  • humor
  • mystery
  • romance
  • science-fantasy
  • suspense


* * * Year 2035 Technology and life have intermingled so much that one can not go on without the other. Literally. Fate is female and she likes to be called Destiny. No one is sure how or even who managed to do this incredible deed, but among your contacts, her number will appear. You can not text her, but she can text you. You can not ask her, but she will answer you. Her number is saved in every phone in the universe. Her knowledge is deep and mysterious. Her powers unquestionable and solid. And best of all, her texts are always true. * * * Text Frome Destiny: You are not pregnant, continue the month at ease. Text From Destiny: Your girlfriend is currently sleeping with your best friend. Text From Destiny: Congratulations, your soul-binder is ahead of you. Text From Destiny: There is a killer within this room.

Unknown Number

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Texting D...
by xxSkemoxx183