If you so Have the...
By -Disappear_Anarchy-
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(Loki) "His older brother is so amazing," people would whisper behind Loki's back. "Gryffindor, one of the best seen in a long while!" "Loki will never amount to anything great. Yes, his magic may be stronger, but he is in no way a Gryffindor." "Maybe Ravenclaw?" "He us very intelligent, but no." "Slytherin." Loki was cursed with that house sense the day he could form a sentence. Thor, his older brother, as better than him. His best friend, Sif, was better than him. The whole damn world was better than him. Or so he thought. (Sigyn) "A mud blood," everyone knew. Her parents were humans, muggles, her brother was too. But she was a wizard. A wizard who couldn't control her own abilities. A wizard who was afraid of this new world, not inspired. A wizard who was loyal, trustworthy, kind, observant, and passionate. "Hufflepuff.' Everyone said it like a bad thing. She got dirty looks for being "the stupidest mud blood, Hufflepuff to walk this earth." Her brother now resented and ignored her, trying to erase this world from his mind. Her parents had run away years before they knew. She was alone. (Both) Felt alone. (Both) Could never escape this feeling. (Both) Just need someone to love.


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If you so...
by -Disappear_Anarchy-