Foreseen 1-4 (Under...
By LidyWilks
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A collection of four erotic paranormal romance novellas where four friends, two fortune tellers, an empath and yogi, and a psychic travel the murky waters of love with black girl magic.: Layla been in love with her best friend's older brother for seven years. And after spending one magical night together he runs away. To get him back she'll have to convince him they're perfect for each other. But can he ever stop seeing her as a littler girl but as a woman and return her feelings? Bea's fighting the regentrification project for her neighborhood. Too bad her enemy happens to be her one night stand. But she's going down fighting no matter how good or how many orgasms he gave her. Jenna's doing the most daring thing she's ever done. Consenting to blackmail by the sexy marine from her yoga class. Soon sexual lust has turned to love but both are wary of confessing their feelings considering how their relationship started. Felicite' never thought her first time in cuffs would be because she was arrested. Even worse, the man who cuffed her is the destined man she's been waiting patiently for. But they'll have no future, unless Felicite' and her friends could figure out the real person behind the theft of a priceless object. Bonus* Keisha Anders has had it with fine-art photographer Alejandro Vaga. But when she comes up with a plan to stick him to like glue until his art showing she never expected to get roped into finding him his one true love. Will she be able to keep himself focused on his pictures, get her promotion and play matchmaker without getting her heart broken? No cheating. HEA approved.

Love Lines

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by LidyWilks