ALIVE: The Aftermat...
By Cole_James
  • Horror
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  • dystopian
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  • post-apocalyptic
  • survival
  • suspense
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☠ TWICE FEATURED ON WATTPAD! ☠ "Viral Reads" list pick on WattZombie. A woman with rare immunity and an AWOL troubled soldier struggle to keep her secret from those who would exploit her in a tyrannical, zombie-ridden world. As the colony they seek refuge in keeps the dead at bay, other survivor groups ready to fight those within for the last remaining safe territories in the south. A disturbing cult moves in, lead by a serial killer from the old world. His distorted religious beliefs and those of his followers claim him as the savior of the new world, where only the purest of souls are deemed to live under his reign. Another group of mismatched survivors harbors a school-shooting survivor who will stop at nothing to ensure her friends see the next sunrise. Their own leader, an exile from the colony, seeks his revenge on the colony's current barbaric ruler, Russell Wolfe, and to take all he holds dear. As allies and enemies shift and form, only one thing is certain-the dead are coming for them all. ☣☣☣☣☣☣ This is book one of an ongoing series.

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ALIVE: Th...
by Cole_James