Curse Series Book 1...
By Ezrielsnow147
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A journey of self-discovery... An orphaned boy lives in misery, he tries to deal with his pain andī¸ discovers an enchanting world that embroils him in a cosmic conflict. --O-- Eleven-year-old Lucas has released a powerful being when he accidentally breaks the mirror cage, containing the dagger with a mysterious Black Stone on its handle. The being's name is Amara, like-a-goddess with incomparable beauty who is cursed to be in the Black Stone for eternity. She now then considers Lucas as her Master and is bound to serve him. Her power opens a portal to another world. Lucas and some friends are plunged into a world where anything is possible. But things are getting more complicated, leading them to strange adventures they never ask for. With one clear goal in mind, Lucas needs to be the Master of his own Fear. ************************************* ***Entered Wattys Award 2020 Not a typical Cinderella/Orphan Story! The concept is a lot deeper as you go on. From gods and goddesses, to Kingdoms (as in plural), to Kings and Queens, and magic, and mythical beings and the made-up world of Egrariand with a deeper history. It's a high Epic Fantasy with multiple POV to make the story 3D, adventures, politics, romance, and many other more. Characters are developed the way avid readers will love them! Please Vote, Comment, and add this book to your reading list if you liked my writing and my story. Thanks for your support! Enjoy Reading!

The Curse of the Black Stone

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Curse Ser...
by Ezrielsnow147