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"I'll find a way to save my brother. Do whatever the hell you want. I'm stealing your guns." Famine is a man determined to save his three brothers after they were tragically separated when a magical fire destroyed their monastery home. He finds himself in a foreign city called Apocalypse. There he falls in with the Evadale Knight Order security group, which guards the Hell's Labyrinth prison facility. The prison's system goes haywire upon his arrival. Amongst prison chaos, Famine learns that his missing brothers are somewhere within the area. He'd do anything to save and reunite his family, even if it meant fighting malignant redback spiders and a mind-sucking demon. The fights he faces may be more than he can handle. This is volume one of the Seriphyn Knight Chronicles. It begins. ------- ♥ - Help me reach 6K reads. I throw in Epilogue Special from Leinard's perspective. ♥ - Help me reach 8K reads. I post smexy short BL moment between Famine x Leinard. Kyaa!! ♥ - Help me reach 10K reads. I post oneshot of the characters in story you choose for me to write about and what prompt you want me to write on. Note: Let's keep it clean for general masses. I'm not keen to end up in court, alright? ♥ - Help me reach 15K reads. I'll provide some more world facts. ♥ - Help me reach 25K reads. I'll get you to pitch me a prompt for the Gat Shiem brothers. Their time before Zaldizko. What would you like those cheeky four brothers to do. I'll write it. Note: Again, let's keep it clean. I pretty much like my squeaky clean record. Thank you.

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