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// BWWM romance // A black teen tries to make a name for herself in the mostly white world of country music. Ashanté wants to be a star like her idols Mickey Guyton, Vicki Vann and Rissi Palmer. Unfortunately, she gets nervous whenever she has to give a speech in class. When her college roommates take her to a bar, Ashanté gets drunk for the first time and sings karaoke songs on a dare. Unknown to her, a music exec happens to be there that night. Producer Bryce Walker is white, wealthy and womanizing, and he knows the sound of money when he hears it. Ashanté sounds like ka-ching. But the music industry's a vicious world, especially for someone as innocent and shy as Ashanté. Bryce has always had a policy of not getting involved with employees, but as he watches the cutthroat business turn his star act into a drug addict, he realizes his feelings go deeper than just professional concern. Can he turn things around and save Ashanté before the industry destroys her? This is a romance novel; of course he can. ٩(˘◡˘)۶

Chapter 1

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by AkjeMajdanek