An Unconditional lo...
By Nightmare-in-heaven
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"There is no stopping the inevitable collusion of two hearts." Affectionate, quirky and aloof, was the best way to describe university student, Emily Sprite. She had a weak heart for art of any form and an even weaker heart for love. But nothing ever lasted. However, Emily refused to give up on having her perfect romance come true. What she didn't realize was that her dream would soon come true, but in the form of a seductive part-time stripper... Alexis Martinez was the opposite. Not being one to relax or settle down. She hated the idea of living a boring and normal life. Love was the furthest thing from her mind, all she wanted to do was just get through university while working as a stripper at the same time. Being independent, straightforward and intuitive was what got her to where she was. So how will she be able to deal with Emily, who made her feel things she wasn't used to? Maybe opposites did in fact work well together... New and awesome cover by @SarcasticHugz [Extension of One-Shot version, My Stripper]


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An Uncond...
by Nightmare-in-heaven