We Have Arrived: A...
By SpencerN1
  • Short Story
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We end up in a theatre. A movie: Beowulf. I lean over to whisper shit in her ear the entire time. We are watching the movie. And being close. And being comfortable. And being entertained. And being raised. And then at the Golden Compass, we come into the theatre, and I am not really interested in this movie. I am thinking about Chelsea. What am I thinking about? Sex? Not really. I just want to touch her. Not hold her. But touch her. And then she reaches back. This has been building for a long, long time. We both weren't sure of it in the beginning. And now she is holding me and I am squeezing her and she rests her forehead on my shoulder and I rest my forehead against her arm, as if to gain leverage with her pulling on me, and there is tension here, not gentleness. We are intense. We are holding each other in one place. I want to hold you here. Don't move...

We Have Arrived

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We Have A...
by SpencerN1