Marrying Mr Billion...
By Kaizerell
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"I'm marrying your daughter." "W-what do mean you're marrying my daughter?" "James, you failed to pay what you owe so now I'm going to take something from you, your daughter and I shall make her my wife." "P-please, I don't want her or my wife to know about my gambling addiction." "It's a bit late for that... Don't you think?" * * * Valentina Rosetta Martinez, 22 years old. She has a normal life... Or so she thinks that she does , she works in a small cafe and she lives with her mum and dad. The thing she doesn't know is her dad has a gambling addiction, her mum doesn't know either and things are getting worse for her dad. What happens when James, Valentina's dad has to give her away to Luca Marino, the 25 year old ruthless billionaire playboy? Secrets will unfold... There will be heartbreak, love and betrayal.

Chapter 1

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by Kaizerell