La Reine; larry sty...
By larryent
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In Los Angeles, the garden of evil, there was a Queen. La Reine was what they called him. He lived in his beloved kingdom, La Puissance, in the middle of the land of gods and monsters. He was the ultimate power and everyone else is just a pawn. OR The one where Harry is an FBI Special Agent chasing down the infamous Mafia Donna of La Puissance, a man who he knows as "La Reine" who is just too clever. (Aka: the opposite of most of my mafia fics! Bottom louis who is also the Donna because we love a power bottom) MATURE CONTENT!! inspired by Lana Del Rey lyrics #49 in crime & #104 in murder & #115 in violence #229 in onedirection, #114 in larrystylinson, #19 in louisandharry #27 in topharry, #48 in bottomlouis Cover credits to the talented @-domeafavour- Check reading list entitled 'THE NEW TRANSLATIONS' for translated versions of this story. larryent december 2017 Disclaimer. I do not own one direction or anything with a brand name. This is a fan fiction and purely for entertainment. DO NOT STEAL MY STORIES/WORKS. ©larryent

Ways of torture from louis

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La Reine;...
by larryent