Hey, Beautiful
By TaintedRain
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[DISCLAIMER: I wrote this story a long time ago, when I didn't have the knowledge I have now about sexual harassment. Because of that, there is an aspect to this story that romanticizes a lack of consent. I apologize for this, and would just like to make it clear that I do not agree with or condone this behavior. I honestly don't know if I'll ever return to this piece, but if I would, this, and a few other actions on Sean's part, I would definitely change.] Cassidy Williams has always dreamed of having her first kiss the day she gets married. That dream is suddenly ripped from her grasp when Sean James comes along, kissing her out of spite. So now her dream wedding is destroyed, her best friend is pressuring her to join the kissing booth with her, and her enemy won't leave her alone. On top of that? She has college classes to worry about! All Cassidy wants is two seconds to do some writing and to get her work done. But Sean is trying his hardest to ruin her life in every way possible. And it's working. [contains Vampire Diaries spoilers . . . sorry]

Chapter 1

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Hey, Beau...
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