You Stole My Breath
By LynnSilver16
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New school, new places, new faces - most of all new friends! Naomi Rose is a new student in Phoenix Luv and she has no interest in the popular kids. Not until her new friend got slapped by the Ice Queen or Queen of the school, also known as Samantha Wings. Rich, smart, tall, nice body and she got everything that everyone wants. Naomi said she has no interest in popular student or does she thinks that? Samantha Wings could be cold as ice...or the ice will melt? She got all the "things" that people want - perfect looks, perfect body, rich, etc. Is it true that Sam got the best life ever? She is rich and all, but you'll never know if they are wearing a mask. What will happen if Sam's and Naomi's paths crossed? Will Naomi end up hating Sam or something else? Read and find out! Highest Ranking #2. breath 02/16/2020 #19 girlxgirl 04/07/2020 #51 love at first sight 02/12/2020 #110 LGBT🏳️🌈 12/16/2019 #39 gayness 03/10/2020 #659 featured 03/09/2020

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You Stole...
by LynnSilver16