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My works- #1 Life- /līf/ particular type or aspect of people's existence People experience the good part of life. Others experience the bad part of life. Then there are people who just get both. Some people experience the life of getting money, doing nothing about being spoiled. Other people experience the life being poor or homeless or abused and neglected. Then people experience the life both. The life of living the good life and getting money, but fighting present or past demons that haunt them. Kairen Lanier is a 18 year old who has a speech impediment. As a child her parents took her impediment as a sign of attention and never got her the help she needed. She had to learn sign language and carry a dry erase board to communicate. Kairen is a real shy and timid but has a big heart. She cares for people who don't give a damn about her. Kairen acquired her speech impediment from being nervous and scared all the time. She couldn't tell people anything without stuttering or jumbling her together. Her mother has a unknown hatred for her and Kairen tries to show her mother she's worth her love and affection. Winter Storm Grant is a 21 year son of a drug lord. His mother died due to childbirth. That's caused Winter's father to have a bit of hatred for him, but he loved him over all. Winter's childhood consisted of learning the games and training. That all came to a halt when Winter's hearing started to deteriorate. As the years came by he became fully death at 19 and had to wear special hearings aids. With his loss of hearing he learned sign language. But as those years came by his hate became cold. Winter didn't show mercy for anyone except the good of women and child. Winter lives by himself in a big condo. He's never had a person to show him the type of love he wanted. He wanted a long be where he can be himself and adore his spouse with his all. But life haven't allowed that.

L I F E - C A S T

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by SomiyaJ