Karamel Kisses- (UR...
By treacherouus
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Meet Milyon Washington. She's currently 18 and a senior in high school. Milyon don't have nobody but her cousin Quinton aka Quinn who's very known in the streets for being a successful hitman. He never misses a target. Even though he puts in work throughout the day and night, he still doesn't make enough money to take care of them. Milyon decides to take things in her own hands and starts stripping in the most known night club in her city, "Sincere Night". Every thing was going smoothly. Quinton believed Milyon was working at a regular high paying job, but what happens when one night the club he shoots up, is the club Milyon works in? What happens when Quinton finally fail to kill his target? What happens when his target ends up saving Milyon, clueless of who she's related too. Finally, what happens when the target turns out to be the notorious Karter Montgomery, future head of a big drug dealing cartel. Want the answers? Just read and find out.

1. Money Problems

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Karamel K...
by treacherouus