His Personal Maid ?...
By theCertifiedbawse
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#1 in General Fiction 06-05-18 "Lara, if you're rolling around in his bed-" "I'm not-" Lara growled, and Brie laughed, "I said if, not when. Well, the point is, you'll be doing yourself more harm than good." "It's like, he has this strange sexual attraction to his personal maids. Like an obsession. He's got a fetish for his personal maids." Lara Keegan, 19 years old, has just been assigned to Mrs. Benson's son who has just graduated from college- as his personal maid. Mrs. Benson has set a couple of rules for all ten maids in the house, which Lara intends not to break. As his new personal maid, Lara discovers a lot of hidden information, secrets, and sees things that could get her, the other maids or the other family members in trouble. She realizes that there's a lot more that goes on behind every innocent smile. *** Cover by @spratleymac ❤


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His Perso...
by theCertifiedbawse