Fixation (BWWM) Pre...
By ElizabethDavis9
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Now on Amazon After one year of ending the relationship with the only man she ever loved, to live a life of unhappiness with a man she couldn't never love. She lives a life of silence, being alone is the only happiness she ever has, but today is the Graduation Ceremony. After a year of schooling, and forcing herself to be with happy with someone she doesn't love, and a life she can't control she sees him again. Can she leave well enough alone live the lavish life she already has. Seth was forced to move on when Constance walked out on him, and to live with a hole in his heart. His now girlfriend Taylor is forcing him to attended there Graduation and that when his worst nightmare takes the stage. He watches the woman that broke his heart talk to the class and he relives every memories he has tries to forget. When they lock eyes, will he turn into the same fool he was before? Or will he fight his feelings.

1.Life After

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by ElizabethDavis9