Journal One: The Di...
By That_One_Edgy_Bitch
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It was perfect....I lived with my brother Calam, my sister Cat, and my mother. life was amazing. our world was so perfect and happy. Until I fell asleep one day whilst we were having a seemingly innocent picnic.... I woke up in the middle of my town, the world in complete chaos. My family, who would never leave each other behind, are gone. I look around for any sign of life....and nothing is there....when everything seems bleak and I'm close to the end, someone pulls me back and offers me help.... "I could get you the happy ending that could fix everything...." Now this stranger leads me on a journey to find my brother and sister in this barren wasteland. She seems mysterious and strong....too strong....she knows things that I don't....she said that I shouldn't know them....she's right.... As we trek further and learn more about what truly happened, I see that there's something even powerful than her. And it may not seem like it, but I know....she's scared of it.... She tells me that its okay to be scared of it though, because its okay to be afraid of the universe ending. Its okay to be afraid of a thing so powerful that it can destroy the whole universe.... {Cover page made by yours truly}

Fuk, another story thats gonna fail-

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Journal O...
by That_One_Edgy_Bitch