A Posthumous Mercen...
By IrisSummons
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Things are finally starting to look good after the war with Gea, Frazel and Reyna are back at Camp Jupiter, Jasper, Pecabeth, and Solangelo are at Camp Halfblood and Caleo has returned! The Avengers are just recovering from the war with Ultron and Scarlet Witch has just started her training to become an Avenger. Some mysterious monsters have attacked an office building in New Jersey and the Avengers are called to action. One of the Avengers have been taken hostage by an unknown enemy and Nico has been prophesied to help the Avengers find their team mate and save or end the world. Will the Avengers learn to trust Nico and his secrets in time to save the world? This fanfic updates almost everyday so you will have lots of reading material. Disclaimer: I unfortunately do not own the characters from Marvel or Rick Riordan, no matter how cute my puppy dog eyes are.

Author's Note #1

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A Posthum...
by IrisSummons