Porsha Academy: Sch...
By itsmaidenblack
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Zeilyn believes her life is simple as others-even though it's not that peaceful. Because of memory loss, she's having some hard time when unfamiliar images linger in her mind. But no matter how hard she try to remember, her head will just ended up in pain and blank afterwards. All she know is that she was adopted to charity. Until one day, circumstances unexpectedly unleash that made her confuse and shock. She doesn't want to believe what her eyes sees and trick her mind that it's all just an illusion, but eventually, it doesn't just end there. Many strange things keep on happening and she just found herself running away from scary people with two guys. When they successfully escaped, the two guys lead her to the school which she's probably sure she didn't saw before. Things happened too fast just like a wind passed by. But she have no choice but to accept it and go with the flow. She met some people-encounter places that triggers her mind. Especially one guy named Blood Hamilton. Does he have something to do with her lost memories? Or it's just another wrong hunch again?


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Porsha Ac...
by itsmaidenblack