A Meaningful Accide...
By Go0eyBear
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Life for the turtles was going pretty great, Shredder was gone and their master Splinter was finally at peace, leaving Leonardo as the new sensei. However, one simple mistake is made on one faithful day, seeming to make each turtle's mating season come out of the blue. It only takes the next few days after the deed is done for the turtles to figure out two of them are pregnant with another's eggs. Angry, Donnie let's out his anger and bitterness towards Leonardo, blaming him while Raph and Mikey take this responsibility seriously, accepting their fate with a life on its way. Over time, the turtles begin to fall for one another willingly. It doesn't take long for them to become comfortable with eachother at all, besides, they only have at least 8 weeks until the eggs are born. What could happen during that time?

The Mistake

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A Meaning...
by Go0eyBear