Henry Danger: The F...
By Kindlefire21
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"Stealing is illegal in all fifty states!" Captain Man proclaims. He grabs ahold of the girl's arm and mumbles, "You're coming with us." The girl stood there, pursing her lips. When Captain Man pulls her, she forcefully yanks him back and throws a punch to his nose. As the superhero totters back in pain, Henry's jaw dropped open. "What the-" Suddenly, the girl swings her arm at him, but he dodges in his super speed. After she tries to hit him again, Henry then proceeds to punch her in the stomach. Instead of her reacting to the punch, it was the sidekick that pulls his hand back in agony after hitting her. She then kicks Henry against the chest, which sends him flying onto the ground and dragging his boss down with him. "Ray, what just happened?" Henry whispers to the older man. Both of them stare at the mysterious girl who was no older than Henry. Everything on her body except her clothes and shoes was made of stone. She appeared as a stone statute, but she was moving like normal. It began to make sense to Henry of why hitting her in the stomach felt like he had punch a brick wall. Neither one of them had seen something like this. It was unlike anything Captain Man and Teen Danger have ever encountered. "I warned you, didn't I?" The stone girl hisses at them. "Come on, Captain Old Man. Show me what you can do." Ray Manchester stood up, but continues to gaze at the girl made of stone. "Oh, my god. What are you?" "Let's just say . . . I'm Frankenstein's Monster."

How Did I Get Here?

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Henry Dan...
by Kindlefire21