Bitch Alert!
By Gyimaya
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" I don't know the kind of perception you have about me, but I'm not the innocent girl you used to know any more. Guess what? I'm about to make your life a living hell," I spat out, our breaths mixing together since we were just inches apart, his expression cold and unreadable. ******* When Damien's uncle promised him their family company in exchange of a Sex tape involving Angela( the daughter of his rival), Damien is willing to seduce Angela at all cost in other to be named as the heir and CEO of their company. The perfect opportunity presented itself when Angela asked for his help in winning her straying boyfriend back. He managed to get a one night stand with Angela, but one thing he didn't bargain for was the pregnancy that came out of it and the hell Angela is about to unleash on him when she later found out about the plan. Going straight for his beloved company and heart. Update On Every Friday!!! Firestarter series #2


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Bitch Ale...
by Gyimaya