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By AgentDmitry
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THE SEQUEL HAS BEEN RELEASED! YOU SHOULD DEFINITELY READ UP ON THIS! ADDENDUM - Just so that everyone knows, I came up with the main idea of the story way before Stranded (the SU episode) was released. Any and all similarities with Stranded are completely coincidental. I haven't been accused of copying the episode yet, so I just wanted to clear everything up. Thank you. You have moved to the coastal city of St. Vasily, Delmarva, which was historically a colony settled by Slavic peoples in the 1600's. You have taken up a job as a systems administrator for a startup computer technology company, netting you a sizable yearly salary. With the ability to afford to live comfortably, you move into a stunning beach house, complete with a beautiful view of the ocean. As you settle in to your new life, unforeseen events will forever change you in uncertain ways. The most concealed secrets, revealed. The darkest depths of the mind, explored. The absolute limits of the soul, pushed beyond any earthly boundaries. Are you ready? (So this is my take on the whole "character x reader" fanfiction. I've seen many of these kinds of stories, and to be honest, most were underwhelming, if not substandard. I want to try to craft a story that will leave an emotional mark on anyone who will read it. Something that will make you think. I hope my story will have this effect on you, the reader. This story will have its light-hearted moments, of course. I just want to get what's in my head onto the screen.)


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