Dusk Till Dawn {Tri...
By princesshayiffos
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What happens when the sun refuses to rise? The dark days, oh the dark days. The whole dimension will be in complete darkness. "So you're saying, whoever controls the amulets controls the sun?" Mouka asked. ### After so many years, Alice Crawley discovers she's no ordinary spell binder as she trains with the Malone triplets, Andrew, Alex and Asher. Everything was perfectly normal. Well as normal as it could get until her best friend, Matthew, opens a book leading to a series of 'events'. Together they venture from Bulio to Inex, Inex to Aanki, Aanki to Cantatrix, on a mission in search for Matthew's long lost father. But it seems like that's not the only mission they bargained for. Someone is stopping the sun from rising. Asher Malone is loosing his powers, Matt's becoming a threat and Alice still can't create a time loop. No body knows where the man in pyjamas has disappeared to. Will they be able to find Matt's father? Will Alice have that normal life she always wanted? And who's the man in the hooded cloak? Beware, nine lives to spare!


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Dusk Till...
by princesshayiffos